Fandom Sports’ Peer To Peer Esports Wagering Platform Goes Live

Fandom Sports Media Corp. recently announced the launch of its peer-to-peer (P2P) esports wagering platform. Wagering customers are now able to fund their accounts to facilitate P2P betting on esports, with eventual sports and other iGaming offerings being deployed later this year. The company’s P2P platform is now fully integrated with payment solutions and the company’s banking partners. Fandom Sports also announced that it had been approved to provide Skrill and Neteller payment services as solutions.

“We are super excited to have completed our banking and payments integrations,” said David Vinokurov, CEO and President of Fandom Sports. “Now that the first iteration of our modular wagering platform is live, the company will be transitioning to an operating and revenue generation trajectory. The P2P esports is the first instance of our modular approach to building out a holistic wagering and prediction platform.”

The company’s all-ages sports, esports prediction, and fan engagement platform is on track for completion in Q1 2022. It will serve as the primary tool for audience aggregation to the overall platform. Fandom Sports is currently developing a detailed marketing and user activation roadmap to support the launch of the all-ages platform and associated revenue streams.

(All information was provided by StreetInsider)

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