XPG’s New Concept Mouse Can Store 1TB Of Games On It

On December 22nd, Adata announced an idea for a new product, the XPG Vault gaming mouse. This device has a built-in SSD for extra storage. In fact, it has so much storage space, that it will reportedly be able to hold up to 1TB of memory that runs at a rate of 985MB/second.

“XPG will also let visitors have a peek at its latest concept product called XPG VAULT, a wired USB-C mouse that wants to be ‘your gaming library, in the palm of your hand.’ Current prototype can integrate up to 1TB of Solid State memory running at 985MB/s and a Gaming Launcher software that promises to make your gaming libraries conveniently portable and a higher level of game integration with XPG Prime Software Ecosystem,” reads a blog post from Adata.

At this time, not many other details have been revealed about the gaming accessory since it is only a concept mouse. Therefore, the product does not yet have a set release date or starting price.

(All information was provided by Adata, Engadget, The Verge, and Wikipedia)

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