Kickstarter Canceled For Panda Hardware Controller

The highly-anticipated Panda GameCube controller was officially canceled on December 27th, 2021. The manufacturer of the device, Panda Hardware, decided to cancel the product due to “supply concerns.”

The accessory had been in development for three years. In fact, the controller’s Kickstarter campaign raised almost $2 million thanks to 14,000 backers, easily beating its target goal of $100,000. In the end, though, the product was never able to see the light of day.

“Thank you so, so much to everyone for your support! We have been truly blown away by the positivity we’ve received for the Panda Controller. This project has been a labor of love for almost 3 years now and this response was something we never could have anticipated. Setting records and showing people how strong our community is when unified has been truly incredible to be a part of,” the organization said in a statement. “As of today, we’ll be canceling our Kickstarter early with all pledges fully refunded while we pursue outside investment to continue the project internally. We know how disappointing this is for many of you. We can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve given us to help make our dreams a reality.”

The product was designed to be an updated version of a Nintendo GameCube controller. The company described it as “the next evolution of the 20-year-old GameCube controller that is still used today.” At this time, the project’s future is still unclear.

(All information was provided by Inven Global, Nintendo Life, and TheGamer)

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