YouGov: Super Smash Bros. Is America’s Most Popular Fighting Game

According to data collected by YouGov, Super Smash Bros. is the most popular fighting game in the American competitive esports scene. In fact, a little over 14% of American gamers that participated in a recent survey said that Super Smash Bros. was their favorite fighting game.

YouGov surveyed American gamers and found that only two fighting games cracked the list of the top ten most-played or most followed esports in the country. Mortal Kombat was the other fighting game, coming in 10th place with a slightly lower viewership rate than Super Smash.

“The title’s success this year is capped by news that Nintendo will partner with Panda Global to create a championship circuit for both Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Switch and the 20-year-old franchise entry Super Smash Bros. Melee for the GameCube,” reads the YouGov report. “There is a large competitive scene that surrounds the Smash franchise. YouGov data shows it’s the sixth most popular esports franchise in the US among fans. But unlike many other circuits, Smash events have been held at arm’s length from its developer and competitions use unofficial rules and modifications that disable many of the game’s features. The partnership may usher in a new era for Smash competition.”

30% of those surveyed said that Call of Duty was the esport that interested them the most, giving it the top spot on YouGov‘s list. In second place was League of Legends followed by CS:GO. Other games that made the list include Apex Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift, FIFA, Clash Royale, and Fortnite.

(All information was provided by YouGov)

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