Swarmio Attempting To Transform The Video Game Industry

Developed by Swarmio Media Holdings Inc, Swarmio is a patented Latency-Optimized Edge Computing (LEC) tech platform that can enable media streaming service providers (aka telcos) to build next-generation solutions faster while future-proofing for upcoming 5G networks.

This technology company is focused on providing an advanced end-to-end gaming and esports platform for telcos to monetize their subscribers. Using its LEC technology, Swarmio has engaged with several telcos that have launched its solution allowing their subscribers to access tournaments, engage in a localized gaming community, challenge friends and influencers, and earn points that can be used to purchase gaming content. This helps enable telcos to attract new customers, drive increased revenue from their existing customers, and better engage and monetize the millennial and digital native generations on their platforms.

“We believe that Swarmio’s unique, SaaS-based turnkey gaming and esports platform provides telco operators with an ability to unlock the underlying value of their customers while also competing with dominant OTT providers such as Netflix, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google in the rapidly growing gaming space,” said Vijai Karthigesu, CEO of Swarmio. “Since launching the product, we have partnered with four major customers, specifically in Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Bahrain.”

In partnering with telcos, this offers a robust platform to their gaming customers across the globe while solving several problems at once. It lets telcos reach millennials and increase revenue, while providing solutions for connectivity issues for gamers, giving them a better and more stable user experience.

The immediate focus for Swarmio’s reach is entering the Asian, Latin American, Middle East, and African markets – regions where telecom operators are desperate to engage new audiences and create new revenue streams. The company is already working with large operators in some of these areas, and likely will have more news to announce soon, as the company is looking to enhance its matrix of offerings and service jurisdictions.

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