Verasity Releases All-New Website As Part Of Major Corporate Rebrand

Blockchain platform Verasity unveiled its new website as part of a major corporate rebrand for 2022, which introduced new feature pages for the VRA token, the VeraWallet, VeraEsports, Verasity’s proprietary ad-tech stack, and a brand new offering in the NFT space. With a new look and a unified approach for all of Verasity’s product verticals, the company is broadening its appeal to a wider audience. Transforming its engagement strategies, Verasity’s website now has a content library showcasing the best of what Verasity has to offer, including the latest news, the hottest esports tournaments, and a whole host of new feature highlights for the Verasity community.

“Our project team has taken careful consideration to ensure that in addition to a new and exciting brand refresh for Verasity, the UX, and UI needs of our users are also catered for,” said RJ Mark, Founder of Verasity. “It’s now easier than ever before for advertisers and publishers to explore and integrate VeraViews with the click of a button, or for esports enthusiasts to seamlessly earn rewards for watching tournaments through Watch & Earn. At every stage, our new website makes it easier to discover, learn, and start using Verasity’s market-leading technology.”

For enterprise users, the refreshed corporate website highlights the benefits of Verasity’s solutions through simple-to-follow statistics and carefully curated content, ensuring that a customer’s journey, from landing on the website through to deploying Verasity’s solutions, is straightforward, with easy-to-action steps.

In the near future, Verasity will also reveal details of its NFT Marketplace, including creator perpetual licenses for NFT resales, in-game cosmetics for VeraEsports minted as NFTs, and the application of Verasity’s patented Proof of View technology to prevent NFT fraud.

(All information was provided by Mobile Marketing Magazine)

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