UC Davis Club Hosts Women’s Esports Bootcamp

The week of December 13-17, 2021, Esports UC Davis hosted a female-centric esports boot camp, both virtually and in-person on the UC Davis campus, seeking to help women get involved in esports and create an inclusive environment for anyone to participate.

“As the only esports organization on campus, we wanted to try and provide women with the opportunity to get introduced to esports,” said Sam Petruescu, Co-Founder of Esports at UC Davis. “Not just to compete but to also participate and intern in areas like graphic design or casting so they can develop valuable career skills.” 

Formed in the summer of 2021, this was the club’s first in-person event. Each day was scheduled around three events: conferences and guest speakers, lunch, and free gaming time.

According to Petruescu, there were 50 students signed up for the event, though the close proximity to the holidays, COVID-19 concerns, and unpredictable weather prevented some from participating. Although in-person attendance was low, online attendance was fairly high, allowing plenty of participants to game together through Discord.

(All information was provided by The California Aggie)

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