CodeMiko Joins Envy Gaming’s Creator Network

Envy Gaming recently announced Youna “CodeMiko” Kang joined its roster of content creators. CodeMiko is a South Korean internet personality that is famous for streaming on Twitch and YouTube.

“Joining Envy means a lot to me because first I love the Botez sisters and Minx,” said the Technician. “They’re larger than life. But bigger than that, I applaud Envy for creating a female-only content house. I think it sends a good message that they are empowering female content creators and I hope we make content that is fun but also inspiring to women who are trying to get into what is right now a very male-dominant streaming space.”

Kang joins a group of other streamers and content creators like JustaMinx, Alexandra Botez, and Andrea Botez. Together, this group of women plans on launching a content creator house in the Hollywood Hills.

Youna Kang created her world-famous online 3D avatar, CodeMiko, using Unreal Engine. She has been an active influencer since 2017.

(All information was provided by The Hollywood Reporter and Wikipedia)

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