Michelin Turns To Gaming To Help Teens Understand Tire Safety

Michelin’s new #GoldenGauge program is giving teens and new drivers the opportunity to learn about life-saving tire safety in exchange for the chance to win epic prizes. To teach tire safety and drive teens to take action, Michelin will reach users through a digital billboard within the highly popular The Sims Mobile game. Players navigating SimTown will have the opportunity to safely stop and engage with the billboard, and they will be rewarded with premium in-game currency and life-saving tire safety tips.

“Meeting teens at the intersection of their passions and speaking their language has always been the North Star of Beyond the Driving Test,” said Alexis Garcin, Chairman and President of Michelin North America, Inc. “While tires may not be high on the list of things teens think about currently, we can engage with them through their favorite games to ensure they understand that safer tires can mean safer driving.”

Car crashes remain a top killer of U.S. teens, with an estimated seven teens dying every day, and hundreds more injured. On average, there are nearly 11,000 tire-related motor vehicle crashes each year. The good news is many of these accidents are preventable.

Enter the Michelin #GoldenGauge campaign, designed to encourage teens to exchange one game-changing action (checking their tires) for the chance to win game-changing prizes, from a new laptop to the latest gaming console or smartphone. To learn whether they are a winner, teens must first properly check their tires. Here’s how it works:

  • Visit and enter your mailing address
  • Within a few weeks, a Michelin-branded tire pressure gauge will arrive at your door
  • Use the pressure gauge to check your tires
  • When the gauge is properly fastened to the tire valve, a pressure indicator stick will pop out. The color of the stick will indicate if you have won a prize:
  1. LEGENDARY GOLD: An epic bundle of game-changing prizes, including the latest generation gaming console (complete with headset, controllers, and EA gaming bundle), a gaming laptop and chair, a VR headset, a Pixel smartphone, and a set of MICHELIN CrossClimate2 tires.
  2. RARE PURPLE: One of several high-tech prizes designed to elevate your game, ranging from a gaming laptop to a Pixel smartphone. Plus, every winner gets a set of MICHELIN CrossClimate2 tires.
  3. ELITE BLUE: A $100 Twitch gift card
  4. COMMON WHITE: Not a prize winner, but your safety is priceless!

(All information was provided by Michelin)

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