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Paramount+ Confirms League Of Legends Mockumentary Coming This Year

Paramount+ recently confirmed that a League of Legends mockumentary series will be coming to the streaming platform sometime this year. Players has been described as a “comedic docu-style series exploring the world of esports through a fictional League of Legends team’s championship pursuit.”

The show is about an LCS team looking to win its first championship after years of close calls. They will need their 17-year-old rookie and 27-year-old veteran to “put aside their egos and work together” in order to win. Some professional LCS teams have even lent their branding and logos to the show.

Players was co-created by Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda. These two are famous for developing the true-crime parody TV series American Vandal, which is on Netflix.

The Profit‘s Take:

They absolutely NAILED the promotional photo because that is exactly what every esports team looks like. It seems like this project has the right people in the room. If you had asked me about this idea two years ago, I would’ve said that it could end up being VERY cringey. However, Riot has established a clearly successful track record of entertainment outside of video games. It’s starting to seem like Riot really knows what it’s doing in the realm of TV production. Even great production companies can make a bad show, so we can’t say that this will obviously be a hit. With Riot leading the charge though, there’s a great chance that this can be quite good. I also feel like this has to find a balance between making fun of gamers while simultaneously opening peoples’ eyes to gamer culture. Riot has opened its floodgate. It made one game for 20 years, and now, it has all kinds of crazy entertainment industry ambitions.

(All information was provided by Upcomer)

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