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CropBytes Staying Strong Four Years Later

The metaverse has become quite popular in the last year. However, many outfits, like the CropBytes Protocol, have been pioneering innovation in this regard for quite some time. Four years to be exact. CropBytes is a one-of-a-kind farming simulation game that offers a thrilling experience for users. The protocol has played home to more than 300,000 users and recorded over 200,000 downloads.

At the moment, the hashtag #FarmOn CropBytes is trending on Twitter, as more players and stakeholders in the gaming world are becoming more aware of the revolutionary potential of the platform. The trend on Twitter is not uncalled for as CropBytes has rebuilt its gaming terrain with new 3D features. Most of the players or users tweeting about the hashtags are seen showing various aspects of the revamped CropBytes 3D terrain.

With CropBytes, users can earn the platform’s native token, the CBX, as well as other in-game assets. All integrated activities on CropBytes including the collation of assets to start farming, growing of crops to make food, feeding animals to collect extracts, and many more are all potential avenues to earn tangible and transferable money. The CropByte ecosystem also makes it easy to generate returns in crypto. Also, in-game assets can be liquidated through Open Market Trades integrated on the platform.

With these commendable milestones, CropBytes still has a lot of goals to hit, and one of these is the introduction of mining capabilities for in-game assets. Also, the incorporation of lending capabilities, which will undeniably increase the underlying usability of the NFT assets particular to the game, is also a big consideration for CropBytes moving forward.

In all, CropBytes wants to build a functional and responsive ecosystem that will serve as a reference point in the play-to-earn and gaming world in the near future.

(All information was provided by Coinspeaker)

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