OPPO Partners With Mineski Global To Enhance Mobile Gaming Experience For Esports Community

A new partnership between device manufacturer OPPO and the gaming organization Mineski Global is enabling the industry to flourish during the pandemic by holding online tournaments for mobile gaming where OPPO, as a major sponsor, supported local events and provided exciting activities and giveaways. These efforts helped contribute to both the Philippine Pro Gaming League and the Mobile Legends Professional League reaching record-breaking numbers this year.

“The local esports industry in the Philippines has been bursting at the seams with talent for years and we are proud to have played a part in realizing that potential into concrete, sustainable results,” said Ele Yu, Marketing Director of OPPO Philippines. “Our partnership with Mineski has allowed us to extend support to the growing esports community and we’re very happy with what we’ve achieved together.”

OPPO also worked to understand and integrate itself into the gaming ecosystem, making efforts to drive authentic and sustained engagement with community members. To that end, it created the OPPO Game On group on Facebook where professional and casual gamers come together and share their love of esports in a safe and collaborative space. The group had its own community cup and also gave away exclusive perks while offering members opportunities to promote their own content. To date, it has already grown to nearly 60,000 people.

As hyper-casual games have also grown in popularity this year, OPPO spearheaded the creation of OPPO-branded games with their newest OPPO Tower and Where’s Ollie available on Mineski Global’s gaming platform via GCash. On it, guests can enjoy new games leisurely for free, anytime, and anywhere. It also hosts a promotional mode where interested guests can win big bonuses. Based on the latest statistics, both titles have reached over 600,000 players combined.

(All information was provided by Back End News)

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