Two New Gaming Centers Coming To Kentucky And Missouri

It appears that two esports centers will be opened in Paducah, Kentucky and Cape Girardeau, Missouri later this year. This announcement was made on the evening of January 27th by representatives of Relentless Contenders, a local esports organization.

“The number of people playing esports worldwide is expanding exponentially thanks to lockdowns, COVID fears, and for a while, the lack of traditional sports on television,” said John Truitt, Relentless Contenders’ CEO. “In 2021, more people in the U.S. were watching esports than any other sport except for the National Football League.”

Plans are in place to open a brick-and-mortar esports center in Cape Girardeau by the middle of the summer. The opening date of the Paducah location is not yet known.

(All information was provided by KFVS-TV and Southeast Missourian)

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