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MSI Launches Line Of “Metaverse-Ready” Laptops

MSI recently launched a brand new line of laptops in India. This comes after the company’s Stealth, Vector, Katana, Crosshair, and Pulse laptops were first unveiled at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show.

The new lineup of laptops is outfitted with Intel’s 12th-generation Core H series processors and NVIDIA’s RTX 30 graphics cards. More importantly, though, MSI says that these devices are “Meta-ready and capable of offering Metaverse-compatible performance.”

“MSI always focuses on the combination of aesthetic design, extreme performance, and user-friendly experience,” reads an official announcement from MSI. “Now, MSI unveils the vision of MSI Gameverse. No matter if you are content creators or a VR user, the latest MSI laptops are a bridge to connect people to the Metaverse.”

This lineup of laptops went on sale on February 1st. The products in this collection range in price from roughly $1,497 to about $6,444. If interested individuals buy a laptop now, they will be given a $50 Steam wallet code free of charge.

The Profit‘s Take:

You have to love the crossover going on here between the Meta Business Podcast and the Business of Esports Weekly News Show. Over the last five to ten years of gaming laptop sales, there have been these stages of “certification” (let’s call it). For years, laptops were “VR-ready.” Now, we are finally getting “metaverse-ready” laptops. I assume it means these products will have beefy graphics cards, CPUs, the whole nine yards. Still, isn’t it a little too soon to be talking about metaverse-ready products when we haven’t even settled on a tangible definition of the metaverse? Either way, go check out the Business of Esports Shop because ALL of our products are metaverse-ready and stylish.

(All information was provided by MSI Global and The Economic Times of India)

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