Dr. Lenny Wiersma Joins Dignitas

On February 16th, Dignitas announced it had signed a contract with Dr. Lenny Wiersma to join the company as its news Director of Performance. In this role, Dr. Wiersma will oversee Dignitas’ esports athletes and coaches while also heading up innovative mental and physical performance programs.

“After a 20-plus year career working in elite traditional sports, I am excited to help Dignitas lead the esports industry to apply scientific principles of performance,” Dr. Wiersma said. “While there are crossovers from traditional sport settings, esports has unique challenges. Cognitive demands and stress affect performers in a variety of ways and can lead to poor performance, burnout, or general dissatisfaction with one’s playing career. We are rolling out a holistic performance model to create a positive, self-care supportive culture that addresses game-specific performance enhancement to result in short and long-term player wellness.”

Dr. Wiersma’s performance programs will utilize Dignitas’ Verizon 5G Gaming Facility which is based in Los Angeles, California. This aims to improve the psychology, mechanics, team cohesion, sleep, nutrition, and gameplay of individuals as well as the team as a whole.

Dr. Lenny D. Wiersma holds a Doctorate degree in Sport Psychology and a Master’s of Science degree. Most recently, he served as a Professor of Sport and Performance Psychology at California State University, Fullerton.

(All information was provided by Dignitas)

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