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Gala Games Investing $5B To Expand NFT Offerings

On February 7th, Gala Games announced it would be spending $5 billion over the next year to expand its non-fungible token offering. According to Blockworks, the company will start out by investing money into music, movie, and theme park NFTs.

The $5 billion will be divided into four divisions. $2 billion will go towards gaming. $1 billion will be allocated to music-based projects. Another $1 billion will go towards movies. The final $1 billion will be used on NFTs based around theme parks.

“Those were some of the numbers shared with the Gala Gold community, and we certainly look forward to helping that unfold with the community in the future,” said Gala Games’ President of Blockchain, Jason Brink.

Gala Games has big plans for the blockchain and NFT gaming industries. In fact, the organization recently launched a $100 million blockchain gaming fund with the cryptocurrency investment firm C2 Ventures in order to support game developers and blockchain projects.

(All information was provided by Blockworks)

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