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Is VALORANT Coming To Console Devices Soon?

One of the world’s most popular esports titles could soon be available on gaming consoles, rather than just PCs. According to a well-known Riot Games leaker that simply goes by Mike, VALORANT could soon be available on consoles. However, it is unclear which specific video game consoles he is referring to.

In a Tweet, Mike explained that Riot Games is looking to hire a “VALORANT console position.” He continues by saying that he believes this means that “they are exploring VALORANT for consoles.”

The company is reportedly looking to hire a Senior Game Designer, Console for Riot’s VALORANT team. In a job description, the organization said that hired individuals will be asked to “design and refine features, modes, and systems to help bring console game products to market.”

VALORANT is easily one of the most popular esports titles on the planet. According to TheGamer, the game boasts over 15 million active players.

The Profit‘s Take:

This is the worst piece of news all week. Riot’s backtracking! They said they’re PC first. The player base is probably stagnant, and they need a lifeline. I have a funny feeling they think console gamers can be the solution to this problem, but it will likely only be a distraction and sink Valorant’s long term chances at being a serious esport. We all know a console port means aim assist to keep the console kiddies feeling good about themselves. For the sake of FPS gaming everywhere, I hope this does not come to fruition.

(All information was provided by TheGamer)

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  1. Ok the profits take on this news is stupid as f…’ I definitely support a console port because not everyone likes to play games on pc and I love playing overwatch for example on my console. Yes there’s aim assist so what? Keyboard mouse has its own advantages. I can’t imagine having aim assist on keyboard mouse that would be chaotic anyway. Also they didn’t announce anything yet but they can just not allow cross platform between pc and consoles. That would be it. How in the earth that would affect the game or esports badly. Weird argument.

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