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Thanko Makes A Gaming Peripheral For The Lazy Person In All Of Us

Have you ever wanted to play video games without having to hold your head up? Well, the Japanese peripheral company Thanko has an answer for this daunting problem now that the organization has released its Lying face Down Sleep Cushion Z.

This product was specifically created so that users can put their heads face down in between two cushions while they play video games. The cushion has even been manufactured to support individuals that wear glasses! Essentially, it holds your head up for you.

“Gaming cushions, such as this one released in Japan in 2020, are already a thing. What makes this different is that it’s not a simple cushion, but rather, more of an elaborate headrest,” writes Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku. “Thanko is known for making silly peripherals, but while this looks goofy, it might actually be useful.”

The Thanko Lying Face Down Sleep Z Cushion is now available to purchase in Japan. The product has a starting price of roughly $60.

The Profit‘s Take:

Our organization is well-known for its gaming chair reviews. And, we did hear about an Attack on Titan Secretlab chair. But, this piece of gaming hardware absolutely blew my mind. We HAD to cover this. I think this is genius. This is the smartest peripheral I have ever seen. It’s portable too! I feel like such a chump for holding up my head with my neck all this time. I love it. The world needs more of this.

(All information was provided by Kotaku)

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