Could Esports Be Included In The 2024 Olympics?

When the Olympics were held in Rio six years ago, the eGames were staged with competitors battling it out to win medals rather than big cash prizes. The eGames, which were organized by Intel, were well received. These were held prior to the Winter Olympics that took place that year with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) offering its support.

Despite these events, esports still didn’t get added to the list of medal events at the Tokyo Olympics last year. Further demonstration events were held, though, and they again proved to be successful.

What is preventing inclusion from taking place, especially considering the continual growth of esports? There is the need to form a global governing body for esports. That’s necessary for esports to be recognized as an official Olympic sport.

Esports is a big business now and will continue to be whether it is made an Olympic sport or not. Maybe the Olympics need popular events such as esports because, after all, television ratings are so important to the event.

(All information was provided by Sports Gamers Online)

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