Doors Open On New Esports Lounge In Pittsfield, Massachusetts

As gaming continues to grow as a prominent industry, more and more parts of the world are looking to get in on the action. Now, add Pittsfield, Massachusetts to that list following the launch of the new Boosted Lounge.

“Ultimately, it’s a sports bar for Esports,” said owner Ryan Senecal. “People were making friends and getting contacts, and all of a sudden now we’re playing games together and stuff like that. It’s really about building a community and just kind of fostering that as we go.”

This marks the first official video game-focused venue in Berkshire county. The facility has been outfitted with 36 PC gaming stations, TVs for streaming, and so much more.

Senecal said the lounge has plans to host esports leagues, and that it may soon even get virtual reality gaming stations. He also said the venue will begin serving food and alcoholic beverages too.

(All information was provided by Bay News 9)

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