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Presenting The Utopian Metaverse City That Will Have Almost No Rules Or Police

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), one of the world’s most prominent architecture firms, has shared plans to develop a utopian digital world centering around self-governance. The company showed off some images including large, curved buildings, a city hall, collaborative working spaces, shops, and business incubators that can be found throughout the digital platform.

Perhaps most notably, the architecture firm’s digital community will focus on self-governing ideals based on Liberland – a micronation founded in 2015 by Czech politician Vit Jedlicka. Liberland is situated between Serbia and Croatia and has 7,000 approved residents. While the micronation is not recognized by any other country, it boasts its own flag, anthem, and cryptocurrency: the Liberland merit. And now, the micronation “is hoping to stake its claim in the virtual world.”

A metaverse, which functions on a decentralized platform and utilizes blockchain technology, is an ideal space for libertarianism ideals (such as those adopted by Liberland) to thrive, said Patrik Schumacher, Principal Architect at Zaha Hadid Architects.

“If you start off with a clean environment, and…you don’t throw garbage around, that can be maintained without much policing,” said Schumacher. “It’s a very lively scene of contributors…a lot of IT and crypto and tech entrepreneurs who find the world too restrictive.”

ZHA also plans to merge its virtual world with the physical world, saying that they believe “these hybrid mixed-reality spaces will be very important in every place of work.”

(All information was provided by The New York Post)

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