Esports Lounge Opens At Midwestern State University

Midwestern State University students opened the new Esports & Gaming Lounge at Legacy Hall on March 28th, bringing a facility that caters to both the varsity-level competitive esports gamer as well as recreational video game players. The lounge features 13 high-end computer gaming stations where serious players can represent MSU Texas in competitive esports tournaments against other college teams in Rocket League.

“The Stangs Gaming Club is our social, recreational, casual gaming club,” said Zach Zoet, Esports and Gaming Coordinator for MSU Texas. “Those are for people not interested in competition. They’re people that connect with people casually through games and they like making friends. People can make life-long connections through gaming and we want to support that.”

The opening included a live exhibition match from the lounge of the MSU Texas Esports Varsity Rocket League team against Rider High School’s varsity team.

The group is also planning partnerships with esports teams from area school districts.

(All information was provided by Times Record News)

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