Laredo College Replacing All Traditional Sports Programs With Esports

The Laredo College Board of Trustees recently agreed to disband all of the school’s sports programs and replace them with esports. This means that the university will no longer field teams in several sports including baseball, soccer, softball, and more.

This decision was made on March 31st after a 67-minute executive session was held by the board. In the end, trustees voted 7-1 in favor of replacing regular sports with esports. As a result, all contracts for athletics personnel will not be renewed. However, some of these contracts may be reassigned to other places within the college.

“We firmly believe this transition can be beneficial to all students while meeting the financial concerns of our college to sustain LC programs and services,” said the school’s interim President, Marisela Rodriguez Tijernia. “The Board has considered many aspects in this process to make the best decision for students, employees, and the college.”

Laredo College is a public community college based in Laredo, Texas that was founded in 1947. As of the 2018-19 school year, there were more than 9,700 undergraduate students enrolled at the school.

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