German Gaming Market Grew By 17% In 2021

According to an April 11th report from the German Games Industry Association, the German video game market grew by 17% year-over-year in 2021. As a result, the market set a new record in terms of growth last year after generating $10.7 billion. The organization also said that 2020 generated a 32% increase in revenues when compared to 2019 thanks in part to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In-game and in-app purchases made the largest contribution to 2021 gaming revenues, growing by 30% last year. However, one-off purchases of games fell by 9% in 2021.

Gaming console sales also rose last year, increasing by 23% to more than $876 million. Overall, gaming hardware sales grew by 18% in 2021 to hit $3.9 billion.

“Following the historic growth spurt in 2020, the German games market continued its strong performance with significant growth in 2021,” said Felix Falk, the organization’s managing director. “This also demonstrates that the people who first took up playing during the lockdowns are still enjoying it. We are particularly delighted by the strong growth in games hardware. No matter whether they are using games consoles or gaming PCs, Germany’s video game players once again invested considerable sums in their equipment to ensure that they would be able to continue enjoying their games in the best possible quality in future. In fact, demand in some cases exceeded supply, meaning that it would have been possible to increase sales revenue by even more.”

(All information was provided by The German Games Industry Association and Xinhua)

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