Sega Gives Update On “Super Game” Concept

Sega recently provided an update on its “Super Game” concept. In an interview published on the company’s Japanese website, Sega executives told us more about the concept that was introduced almost a year ago and what we should expect from this framework.

Sega is aiming to create a “super game,” which will hopefully do more than $776 million in sales over its lifetime. These types of games will be targeted at a global market, support online play, feature Sega IP, and, even, expand to other forms of media. Sega said that the company is developing multiple “super games” at this time.

Four factors make something a super game. It has to be a multiplatform title, it must be targeted at a global audience, it must be released in all markets at the same time, and it must be of AAA scale. Twinfinite said that Sega is basically trying to create games that can become global blockbusters.

50 developers began on the initial framework of this project. However, that number is expected to increase to hundreds of people over time. The project will feature external technologies too like Microsoft Azure and Unreal Engine 5. Devs are also trying to build a workflow that automatically generates objects in a type of technology called Houdini, which creates CGI from clothing patterns.

(All information was provided by TweakTown and Twinfinite [1,2])

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