Mountain Dew Named Beverage Partner Of Chemin Esports

Mountain Dew continues to prove that it is a force in the gaming industry. Following a recent collaboration with Rooter, the Indian gaming organization Chemin Esports unveiled a new deal that will see Mountain Dew now serve as the company’s official beverage partner.

Video games and esports have undoubtedly become a major area of interest for Gen Zers. These types of organizations have had no problem appealing to this demographic which is one of the key reasons why Mountain Dew has become so heavily invested in the video game industry.

Mountain Dew is no stranger to esports industry partnerships. In September of 2020, Mountain Dew unveiled an in-game activation and extended partnership with the hit video game PUBG Mobile. Beyond that, ESL joined forces with Mountain Dew to launch the Mountain Dew League, a world-famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition that is hosted annually. This series also served as a chance to help find the “next big caster” in the esports industry. Heck, at the end of February, Mountain Dew was named a presenting sponsor for the Call of Duty League Major One which was held in March of this year.

(All information was provided by AnimationXpress, ESL Gaming, Esports Insider, and LinkedIn)

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