Epic Games Launches Apprenticeship Program With Apprenti

On May 3rd, Epic Games announced it would be partnering with the non-profit organization Apprenti to launch an apprenticeship program based on Unreal Engine. Additionally, Epic will offer its Unreal Authorized Training Center through the digital art and animation university CG Spectrum.

“The content created by the gaming industry needs to include the viewpoints of its consumers. It’s imperative that game developers reflect the diversity of end-users,” said Jennifer Carlson, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Apprenti. “Beyond this, an apprenticeship based in Unreal Engine skills will provide a pathway to careers not just in gaming but in broad industries such as film, television, advertising, and manufacturing. We are proud to partner with Epic Games and help underrepresented individuals explore lucrative careers in interactive media.”

Apprenti was founded in 2016. The organization aims to provide networking opportunities and career growth within the technology sector. Beyond Epic Games, Apprenti offers internships with companies like Amazon, Paypal, and Wayfair.

At this time, it is unclear when this apprenticeship program will begin accepting applications. However, you can check for more details.

(All information was provided by, PR Newswire, and VentureBeat)

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