FaZe Clan Opens Pop-Up Shop Until June

FaZe Clan will be opening up a pop-up shop in its flagship Los Angeles, California-based mansion. Dubbed The Armory, this immersive gaming lounge and retail store will be open at select times from May 14th to June 10th.

The idea to open The Armory came from Jay “JVY” Richardson. Richardson was recently named the new Creative Director of FaZe Clan.

“Our vision for The Armory is a first-of-its-kind shopping experience born at the intersection of gaming, streetwear, and internet culture,” Richardson said. “We want our community to be ahead of the trends with the most fire pieces. Our approach with this pop-up is showing the fans what’s next and where we’re at in the future already. The store itself is essentially the vortex entry point and it’s being conveyed through the graphics of all the featured items you’ll see. Our design and product team goes crazy with bringing unique ideas and perspectives to merchandise.”

(All information was provided by dot.LA and PR Newswire)

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