Global PC Shipments Are Finally Starting To Normalize

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the PC hardware and tech industries very hard. Supply chain issues have led to worldwide chip shortages, which have dogged CPU and GPU production, resulting in sky-high prices. A recent report shows that slowly but surely, things are starting to get back to pre-pandemic levels.

Lenovo shipped 18.2 million units in 2021, a 9.5% drop compared to the same period a year earlier, but those numbers are encouraging. HP finished second to Lenovo, shipping 15.9 million units. While Lenovo and HP’s numbers dipped from 2020, Dell and Apple both saw their shipments increase by 1.5% and 7.6% respectively.

Component shortages are on track to ease in 2022, signaling a potential return to normalization for these companies’ numbers. Additionally, since late 2021, demand-supply gaps have shrunk, signaling an impending end to supply tightness in the broader ecosystem. That’s good news for the entire industry, and hopefully a sign of promising things to come.  

(All information was provided by Dot Esports)

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