Experts Say Mobile Gaming Will Exceed $100B In 2022

Research company Newzoo reports that the mobile gaming industry is on pace to surpass $100 billion in revenue this year. Mobile enterprises already account for more than half of all spending on gaming worldwide, and Newzoo says that both smartphone and tablet gaming are on track to grow roughly 5% this year to $103.5 billion.

“From the emergence of mobile to the dawn of cloud gaming, pundits and analysts have long been predicting ‘the death of console,’” wrote Newzoo. “As things stand, console is still very much alive and kicking — as we have always said. The console segment is expected to grow 8.4% in 2022 to $58.6 billion. PC gaming, meanwhile, will grow a more modest 1.9% to $41 billion.

Newzoo’s report also notes that 2022 will be the first year the US overtakes China as the world’s number one country in gaming revenue. If their predictions are correct, the US will account for $50.5 billion, while China will net $50.2 million.

(All information was provided by Protocol)

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