FaZe Clan Partners With DoorDash

FaZe Clan recently announced a partnership with DoorDash. As a result, DoorDash will now serve as the official on-demand delivery platform of FaZe Clan. Moreover, DorDash’s branding will now be featured across all FaZe Clan platforms.

“We are excited to name DoorDash as the official on-demand delivery platform of FaZe Clan and look forward to the boundary-pushing collaborations, exciting products, live events, and innovative content we’ll be dropping this year,” said Adam Bauer, FaZe Clan’s SVP of Partnerships.

FaZe Clan content creators and esports athletes will jointly produce new content with DoorDash. This will include a series on Twitch called “DashDays” that will allow fans of the companies to earn rewards by watching streams supported by DoorDash. On top of that, the two brands will work with each other to host a series of live events and activations.

FaZe Clan is arguably the most famous gaming organization in the world. This California and New York-based company was founded in 2011.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider and Wikipedia)

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