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Metaverse Engagement Platform, Yesports, Welcomes Three Esports Stars To Its Roster

Metaverse engagement platform, Yesports, recently welcomed three esports stars: Andilex, NaToSaphiX, and Luken to their ranks. The platform aims to offer all three stars sustainable revenue streams through the sale of NFTs while engaging with fans in new and innovative ways.

“This is a significant milestone, not only for Yesports but also for players looking to make an impact in the esports industry,” said Sebastian Quinn, the Founder of Yesports. “We’re thrilled to welcome such high-caliber esports players to the platform and pleased to give them an opportunity to earn additional income and leverage Yesports’ scale to grow their following further.”

Yesports is the first metaverse engagement platform of its kind, offering over 500 million esports fans the opportunity to connect with their favorite players and teams, all the while providing access to exclusive content, community initiatives, merchandise, and more by acquiring or holding NFTs.

With Yesports, fans can post, sell, and buy esports NFTs. The platform also offers fans access to clubhouses and private team NFT marketplaces, as well as private Discord servers, signed merchandise, and exclusive video content.

(All information was provided by European Gaming Industry News)

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