Chinese Gaming Market Continuing To Grow Despite Government Restrictions

Even though the Chinese government has enacted strict limitations on gaming, the country’s video game market does not seem to feel these effects. In fact, a recent five-year forecast from Niko Partners predicts that the Chinese video game market will continue to grow through 2026.

This report was broken up into two parts: mobile gaming and PC gaming. Overall, there was a total of 706 million gamers in China last year. Obviously, this is a huge number, but it actually represents a year-over-year decrease from 2020. Despite this decrease, the total number of gamers in China is still expected to hit 730 million people by 2026.

On top of that, Niko Partners is predicting an increase in the average revenue generated by each gamer in the country. In 2021, the average revenue generated per user was $64.44. This number is expected to jump up to $75.60 over the next few years.

The fact that the Chinese market will continue to grow is quite surprising because the government has recently enacted very strict rules and limitations on the country’s gamers and gaming companies. In 2021, the government set a limit on the amount of time minors in the country could spend playing video games. Plus, China issued a video game licensing freeze that lasted nine months.

(All information was provided by Reuters, VentureBeat, and Yahoo! Finance)

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