Introducing Fableborne, An Upcoming Strategy-Based ARPG For Your Mobile Phone

Newly formed studio Pixion Games has spent the last 18 months working on Fableborne, a strategy-based ARPG for your mobile phone. The game is play-to-earn and will incorporate NFTs. Fableborn allows players to create their heroes, islands, and in-game items by acquiring assets through the Pixion League or purchases.

Fableborne is a competitive mobile-first multiplayer game, but it doesn’t demand an unreasonable amount of players’ time,” said Kam Punia, Founder and CEO of Pixion Games. “Players can have a fun, rewarding, and enriching experience, battling other players or completing quests, creating smart and powerful strategies over their lunch break or as they travel. We all know the struggle of finding the time to have satisfying gaming experiences and keeping up with the competition. Fableborne is the antidote to this – a new category of esports games that fits around your lifestyle and plays the way you want it to.”

Fableborne takes place in The Shatterlands, where players can raid others’ islands while fortifying their own. The company is also working to establish the Pixion League, which will feature tournaments, events, weekly challenges, and competitive leagues.

As of right now, there is no launch date for Fableborne, although the company plans to have it released by the end of 2022.

(All information was provided by Pocket Gamer)

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