Verve Group Looking For New Ways To Advertise Effectively To Gamers

The Verve Group is experimenting with new methods to ensure that advertisements are reaching their target audiences. The company, with Gamigo Group, recently ran a test for the MMO Trove, adding lapsed Trove users to their platform to calculate the most effective places to advertise. The tests resulted in a 34% lower CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and 12-fold higher engagement than on other available channels.

“The blueprint for gaming publishers and advertisers to reach the ever-elusive gaming community is now here,” said Merv Lee Kwai, Chief Gaming Officer of Gamigo Group. “Even as users continue to game across multiple platforms, it is possible to capture their attention with the right omnichannel offering. We are thrilled to introduce such an impactful innovation to the industry.”

The advertising game has changed drastically, with television no longer the main way people absorb content. Verve Group hopes that with their new ideas, advertisers will be able to identify the right platforms and services so as to extend their reach as far as possible.

If their first test is any indication, they might have found a solid solution to that problem.

(All information was provided by VentureBeat)

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