Utah State University Looks To Bridge Academics And Esports

Looking to capitalize on the collegiate esports craze, Utah State University is attempting to combine esports and academics through an expanding curriculum and competitive esports clubs. According to Andrew Walker, the Department Head of Instructional Technology and Learning Services, the University is working hard to establish a strong connection between recreation and academics:

“Esports is certainly a growing space, especially in academia, where we’re still trying to work through what this looks like,” said Walker. “I really love our structure here at Utah State University, it’s a collaborative venture between campus recreation as a club sport, and also with our academic unit. And we both have interesting roles to play.”

The University’s esports program has received both support and lots of funding internally and externally, and Walker hopes the continued interest and infusion of money will eventually lead to better facilities to support the students.

“Most of the big programs have a dedicated arena space, and we’re currently pursuing something that would be a combination of practice space, competition space, and also support some of our curriculum needs.” added Walker.

The University’s esports program is still in its infancy, so it might be awhile before they get that kind of approval. But they are off to a fast and promising start.

(All information was provided by Utah Public Radio)

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