Globe Partners With AcadArena To Support The Hapag Movement

AcadArena has signed on with Globe as its first gaming partner to join “The Hapag Movement,” a fundraising initiative that aims to bring support, food, and resources to underprivileged families and communities. Both organizations have a long history working with eachother and such charitable matters: AcadArena has worked with Globe to develop programs which focus on building skills, hosting gaming leagues and tournaments, and providing scholarship support.

Globe has also been rallying its partners and others to contribute through digital platforms like GCash and Globe Rewards, which encourage and enable its customers and the gaming community at large to donate to the cause.  

“At Globe, we create ways and form partnerships that enable our customers to participate in social development,” said Yoly Crisanto, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer at Globe. We hope to create more impact to help address hunger in the Philippines through The Hapag Movement program.”

The Hapag Movement was introduced to the Filipino public last April, and the country will be their primary focus for the time being. Rampant unemployment in the archipelagic country has been a huge since COVID-19.

As a (partial) result, 15 million Filipinos surveyed say that they have experienced involuntary hunger over the last year, a number which Globe wants to decrease in short order.

(All information was provided by The Philippine Daily Inquirer)

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