India Is The Number One Country In The World For Play-To-Earn Gaming

India is the best place in the world for play-to-earn gaming. Based on information from Finder’s NFT Gaming Adoption report, India was the best country in the world for play-to-earn gaming after 34% of Indian responders in the survey said they had played P2E games.

This survey polled over 43,000 people from 26 countries around the globe. Hong Kong came in second place in terms of play-to-earn gaming adoption with 28.7% of responders saying they have played games that feature those types of mechanics. At 27.3%, the United Arab Emirates came in third place.

The United States sits at 9.4% while Canada registers a rate of 8.4%. Meanwhile, Mexico shows a higher adoption rate than both of those countries at 11.1%.

The bottom three countries on the list in order are Germany, France, and finally Sweden. Only 4.3% of Swedish responders said they had played play-to-earn video games.

This report also showed the percentage of people that said they plan on playing P2E games at some point. With 16.9% of responders saying they plan on trying play-to-earn games soon, Nigeria is expected to see the most adoption of these mechanics followed by Peru which is expecting an adoption rate of 16.3%.

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