How To Watch IGN’s Summer Of Gaming On Steam

IGN’s Summer of Gaming has returned and will run through the first two weeks of June. And for those interested in watching, you can now do so on Steam from their new Summer of Gaming page. To watch, simply visit the page on Steam and it will host that day’s show as well as any links to games that appear on the showcase.   

The Summer of Gaming event features exciting, unique events as well as exclusive game reveals, developer interviews, and more.

And if Steam isn’t really your cup of tea, you can also enjoy the event from several other sources and channels, including:

  • (homepage)
  • IGN‘s Facebook Channel
  • IGN’s Twitter
  • IGN‘s Twitch Channel
  • IGN’s Youtube Channel
  • IGN‘s iOS App
  • IGN‘s Android App
  • IGN‘s Xbox One App
  • Roku
  • IGN App for Android TV
  • IGN for Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • IGN 1 on Samsung TV Plus
  • Pluto TV

With all of these options, you have no excuse not to take part in one of the most exciting events of the entire year!

(All information was provided by IGN)

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