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Five Free-To-Play PlayStation Store Games Generated $2B For Sony

Sony reportedly made over $2 billion from five free-to-play games in 2021. Despite these successes, the company is still looking to generate even more revenues from games with these types of mechanics.

As gaming’s largest platform holder, Sony generates billions every year from add-on content and microtransactions, $7 billion last year to be precise. However, third-party companies like Epic, Activision, and EA are making even more annually from free-to-play games.

Sony has read the writing on the wall, and now they want in on this action. The company has announced that they have “a fleet” of live games set to hit the market, three of which will come out by March of 2023.

As mentioned earlier, Sony has five big games that are dominating its sales. Fortnite, Genshin Impact, Warzone, Apex Legends, and Rocket League accounted for a quarter of all PS Store spending ($2 billion).

Still, a powerhouse like Sony shouldn’t be satisfied with those numbers, knowing that they have the power, resources, and time to make more games that can add to that total. Additionally, Sony’s purchase of Bungie is expected to close during the third quarter of this year, which happens to usually be Sony’s most profitable quarter of the year. With a little drive, a breath of fresh, Bungie-smelling air, and a good game plan, it’s possible that $2 billion could double or even triple during the current fiscal year.

The Profit‘s Take:

A lot of people were able to guess most of the games on this list. None of these games are Sony exclusives, which is somewhat surprising. They’ve said that they wanted to get better at making live service games. You have to wonder if Bungie will help them achieve that goal. Genshin Impact (basically) exists to extract money from players. Plus, it’s INCREDIBLY multi-platform. This proves how wide of an audience these free-to-play games have. These games get the benefit of distribution from major platforms like Steam, the PlayStation Store, etc.

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