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Galaxy Racer Makes Large Crypto Investment

On May 30th, Galaxy Racer announced it had partnered with and invested $25 million in the cryptocurrency ecosystem Quint as well as its flagship token (QUINT). This deal, which marks the first time an esports org has significantly backed a cryptocurrency ecosystem, will see QUINT become the new Native Ecosystem Token Partner of Galaxy Racer.

Galaxy Racer will integrate QUNIT tokens into the website’s payment system, tournaments, events, and merchandising divisions. Moreover, the two sides will work together to create a content series that educates the world on the benefits of cryptocurrencies and web3 gaming.

“We are thrilled to announce our investment and partnership with The Quint Ecosystem’s revolutionary token, QUINT. For years we have been approached by many cryptocurrency companies, coins, and projects all hoping to partner with us as we continue to grow and expand globally. However, it was our main priority to make sure we took our time to study the ecosystem to ensure we partnered with the best project for our community and investors. We wanted to invest and partner with a company that had an industry-leading team and technology behind them – which we strongly believe is The Quint Ecosystem,” said the Founder of Galaxy Racer, Paul Roy. “The opportunity to offer our global fanbase to learn about the cryptocurrency ecosystem and interact with the technology in a way that has never been done before within the esports industry is something we are very excited about. We look forward to sharing some exciting announcements soon!”

Quint was founded by a team of investors that were looking to overcome the limitations of traditional cryptocurrency endeavors. Additionally, the organization aims to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in the UAE by 2050.

The Quint Ecosystem is made up of super-staking pools, Boutique NFT marketplaces, a merchandise shop, and esports. Eventually, the native token ($Quint) will allow the ecosystem to bridge onto other networks including Avalanche ETH, FTM, and Solana.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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