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Which American City Is Getting An Overwatch And Call Of Duty Team?

It sounds like an Overwatch League franchise and a Call of Duty League franchise are coming to Vegas. On June 1st, DM Esports, which is the parent company of the CDL’s Paris Legion and the OWL’s Paris Eternal, announced that both franchises would be relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada next year. According to a recent report from Dexerto, DM Esports had filed trademark applications earlier this year to obtain the rights to the names Vegas Legion and Vegas Eternal.

A tweet sent out by the Paris Legion on the same day confirmed that these rumors were true. The social media post said “the rumors are true! We’re excited to announce a new chapter for Legion fans. In 2023, the Legion will be relocating to Las Vegas.” The organization ended the note by saying, for now, it’s focused on the CDL Major III.

There is a lot of hope that this relocation effort will be the move that helps turn around the fortunes of both these franchises. As of June 9th, the Paris Legion are the last-place team in the Call of Duty League while the Paris Eternal are tied with the Vancouver Titans for the worst record in the OWL.

The Profit‘s Take:

Ownership isn’t changing here. At least, no ownership changes were mentioned in the article. So, you have to wonder why they’re changing cities. There could be an esports gambling angle here, but that’s proven to be a difficult play. Moving to Vegas is just slapping a band-aid on a broken arm. All of these teams are trying to come up with crazy solutions without fixing the actual problems that plague these leagues. My tinfoil hat theory: the parent org of these teams could be buying Allied Esports assets and moving these teams into the HyperX Arena in Vegas.

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