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Saudi Arabia Hosting $15M Esports Tournament

One of the world’s biggest esports tournaments is coming to Saudi Arabia next month. On June 6th, it was officially announced that the $15 million Gamers8 esports tournament would be held this summer in Riyadh, the kingdom’s capital city.

This event will run from July 14th, 2022 to September 8th, 2022. The Gamers8 tournament series will see some of the best teams in the world go head-to-head in six popular video games. Beyond that, Gamers8 will also feature a gaming summit with some of the most well-known members of the industry.

There will also be non-video game activities too. This includes performances from eight international musicians as well as shows from comedians, magicians, and so much more. These events will only run until September 1st, 2022.

“With an estimated 23.5 million gamers across the country, almost every home in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has someone with a deep passion for gaming. This passion for gaming has long been a source of pride for Saudis,” said Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan, the chairman of the Saudi Esports Federation. “Our goal is to bring the virtual world of Esports and gaming out into the physical realm of Riyadh – a global city with immense purpose and burgeoning opportunity, and the ideal setting for Gamers8. We look forward to seeing you all this summer for what will be an unforgettable, futuristic, and incredible time.”

Gamers8 events will be broadcast live in eight different languages. Those interested in learning more about the event can click here.

The Profit‘s Take:

Saudi Arabia is doing something similar to this in the traditional sports space with the LIV Golf League. They’re basically luring the best golfers in the world over to the Middle East by offering them major dollars. Clearly, Saudi Arabia has the money to bring in the best athletes in the world, regardless of what sport they play. So, it’s not just about buying companies for Saudi Arabia, but also attracting the best talent in the world to the region. There’s WAY more money being spent on esports than golf, so all is right in the world. This $15 million tournament is going to be a great way to engage with the local population which will lead to more grassroots esports campaigns and initiatives.

(All information was provided by Alarabiya News and Gamers8)

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