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Gaming Legend Launches Method MetaGuild To Bridge Esports And The Metaverse

World of Warcraft legend Scott McMillan has launched Method MetaGuild, or The Guild, to combine MMORPG esports with the metaverse. Play-to-earn gaming is becoming more and more popular, but many gamers still struggle to get the desired experience. McMillan is looking to fix these issues with the Method MetaBuild project.

“Together, in partnership with the communities we serve and our partners across the blockchain gaming ecosystem, we will lead, educate, compete, create, and collaborate to enable the best possible outcomes for greater blockchain gaming communities,” said McMillan.

Method MetaGuild was created to shape the metaverse and enhance the blockchain gaming ecosystem, with features and functionalities that help stand it out from other similar solutions, like:

  • Education – Gameplay, finance, help, make a difference, positive impact.
  • Leaders – Lead the change in the gaming industry and develop Guild best practices, amidst continuous innovation.
  • Compete – Develop the esports environment, and operate competitive teams, with competition equaling sustainability.
  • Create – Content and media to bring eyeballs to play-to-earn, add value, and give creators and scholars a platform to reach their target audience.
  • Collaborate – Create community tournaments to enhance thriving together and share the progress of the industry.

Method MetaGuild officially launched on May 31st.

(All information was provided by TechBullion)

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