Vewd Forms Strategic Partnership With AirConsole

OTT software solutions provider Vewd has formed a strategic partnership with AirConsole (a cloud-based video game console) to “simplify the distribution of casual gaming services in the TV market.” Vewd’s content platforms will now have built-in support for AirConsole casual gaming on both Android and Linux.

The partnership will allow TV service providers to create a dedicated gaming section in their user experience, or expand upon existing gaming capabilities. No additional hardware will be needed, as the solution uses smartphones as the controller.

“As TV service providers look for additional ways to enhance their content offerings, casual gaming has become an increasingly popular option,” said Anthony Cliquot, Chief Operating Officer at AirConsole. “Integrating our multiplayer gaming system with Vewd’s content offering allows providers to enrich their TV service, attract hard-to-reach Generation Y and Z audiences, and create a multi-generational quality time for their users, without making a significant investment in servers or needing to deploy additional hardware.”

AirConsole players will now be able to take advantage of the Vewd platform’s freemium starter pack, which offers a selection of free games every week. Currently, the full catalog contains more than 180 games.

(All information was provided by Advanced Television)

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