Newegg Wants To Help You Find The Perfect Gaming PC

The online retail company Newegg wants to make it easier for people to buy PC gaming hardware. On June 13th, Newegg launched a new program called the Gaming PC Finder. This personalization tool was designed to help customers understand gaming PC components and the performance options that would allow people to make more informed purchases.

The program is incredibly easy to use. You start out by picking your target resolution: 1080p, 2K, or 4K. After that, you then select up to four games from a collection of popular picks. Then, you just hit “View Results” to see the PC gaming devices best suited for you.

And, don’t worry about feeling overwhelmed by the options you are given. The tool actually offers three PC recommendations once results are produced. Starter PCs are entry-level machines designed for casual gamers or people that are just getting into gaming. Mainstream PCs are more powerful devices that feature RTX 3060s or 3070s. And, of course, Enthusiast PCs are for people that are really committed to finding the best gaming experience possible. These devices usually feature RTX 3080s.

Oscar Wong, the senior director of product management at Newegg said, “the tool is simple and easy. All the necessary information is provided to enable customers to understand the decision process and select the PC that works best for them.”

So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your gaming PC or moving on from your console, you may want to consult Newegg before making any purchases.

(All information was provided by Business Wire, Google, and PC Gamer)

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