So… FaZe Clan Pizza Rolls Are A Thing

FaZe Clan pizza rolls are almost here. And, no… this is not a joke. As part of an ongoing multi-year partnership with General Mills, FaZe Clan has teamed up with the Totino’s Pizza Rolls brand to launch a brand-new, highly requested buffalo chicken flavored pizza roll. Starting next month, you can find Totino’s FaZe Clan Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza Snacks in stores or online. Developed with gamers in mind, this co-branded food product line offers buyers a mess-free delicious snack that can be prepared in just minutes.

A special taste testing event was held at The Armory, FaZe Clan’s immersive gaming lounge and pop-up shop, from June 3rd to June 5th.

The Faze Clan-branded pizza rolls are expected to have a retail price of $6.22 for a 24-ounce package. That comes out to about 50 pizza rolls per package.

As previously mentioned, this is part of an ongoing partnership that was formed between FaZe and General Mills over a year ago. Last summer, FaZe and Totino’s joined forces to create a content series hosted by the world-famous rapper Lil Yatchy. In each episode of the FaZe Boat series, special guests and FaZe Clan content creators joined Lil Yatchy on the FaZe Clan boat to discuss boating-related activities like fishing, cooking, and sailing, all while enjoying Totino’s Mini Pizza Rolls.

While there won’t be any rappers or boats working on these new buffalo chicken snacks, you can be sure that the same great Totino’s taste will be there in every bag.

(All information was provided by Business Wire, Google, and Progressive Grocer)

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