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Envy Gaming’s Plan To Boost Revenue

Envy Gaming, owner of esports franchises Optic Gaming and Envy Gaming is looking away from media rights as a primary source of income. Why looking away from media rights? Because media rights revenue hasn’t exactly materialized in professional esports. Adam Rymer, CEO of Envy Gaming, believes that more important than securing a media deal is cultivating a large, loyal community of fans and capturing their first-party data.

“Gaming and esports are a cultural force akin to music or movies where if you can build communities around a shared passion and activate with your fans in meaningful ways, whether through content, digitally or even at live events, real revenue potential exists,” said Rymer.

Rymer added that esports “has become more about the universe [or culture than] the individual games…The games themselves do not have the same level of value as [everything that goes on around them].”

Envy Gaming has begun dedicating resources to building the community around its brand and gamers, with the goal of developing rivalries and getting people engaged and interested. They’ve also begun recruiting personalities and influencers to help them build their following.

Rymer closed by saying he believes the greatest upside will come from being able to segment fans and migrate individuals to other platforms as the metaverse evolves:

“When [we] show up at the door of Microsoft and say [we] have 300,000 or 400,000 members with connected wallets, what can we do together to bring my people over to your platform? Things get really interesting.”

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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