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Epic Games Store Getting Its First NFT Game

The Epic Games Store will soon be getting its first NFT game, Grit. The battle royale title was first announced back in 2021 but mysteriously disappeared from public view before popping back up as a page on the Epic Games Store that simply reads “coming soon.” After several delays, Grit re-emerged as an NFT blockchain game, which is where it currently stands.

“Play as an entirely unique character and customize their look,” reads the official site. “Generative Hero NFTs allow you to own your gunslinger and access cosmetic loadout slots, increased earning potential, and more.”

A link takes you to a Gala Games site where you can purchase a “Gunslinger Box.” This provides you with you “1 of 10,000 Generative Characters.” Basically, a cowboy avatar you use in-game. 

Gamers are already rolling their eyes at yet another NFT title, having nicknamed the game Grift. While that doesn’t necessarily mean no one will play it, it doesn’t exactly bode well for the game. Many companies have walked back their NFT plans after receiving less than lukewarm receptions to their initial announcements.

Epic will surely be looking closely at this one to see how it does before bringing any more NFT games into the fold.

(All information was provided by PCGamer)

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