Is LuluLuvely Done With Apex?

One of the most famous female streamers in the world is sick of Apex Legends. In fact, the person who we are talking about, LuluLuvely, said that she is considering quitting the battle royale video game completely!

The reasoning behind this potential decision is not what you would expect, though. LuluLuvely explained that she’s thinking about leaving the game because she’s simply not having fun playing it anymore. She made her stance clear, saying, “it’s just not enjoyable. It’s not fun.”

She went on to list some of the biggest issues she currently has with the game. This included a lack of limited-time modes and other modes, issues with custom lobbies working, and the problems that come about when trying to play in a group.

“There’s no content,” she said. “There’s nothing to do on Apex. You can either struggle in ranked or struggle in pubs. Pick your struggle.”

She continued by saying she isn’t sure how much longer she can “put up” with all the bugs and broken game mechanics. She ended her rant by saying Apex “has everyone by a chokehold.”

LuluLuvely did admit that it would be difficult to walk away from the game that helped give her over 1.3 million Twitch subscribers. However, Dot Esports is reporting that if Lululuvely does walk away from Apex, it could be before the beginning of the Apex Legends Global Series which starts on July 7th.

(All information was provided by Dot Esports and Twitch)

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